Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressure

Do you want to lower your blood pressure using natural means? High blood pressure or HBP, is a health concern around the world today. Bear in mind that this disease can be managed using natural means, for example, by taking beet  The Best Review on How Beet Juicejuice. For instance, one common question on online forums is; does beet juice lower blood pressure? A change in your diet, which includes taking beet juice, can help you deal with hypertension or HBP.

The causes of HBP include aging, which causes the stiffening of the lower heart chambers and the type of diet that you take. Beets contain nitrate in high amounts. Our bodies turn it into a gas called nitric oxide, which helps to relax muscles in your blood vessels. This review looks at the benefits of beet juice in controlling your blood pressure. Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressure? 3 Ways Beet Root Juice Can Help You


 • Blood Flow

Beets, which you squeeze to get beet juice, contain inorganic nitrates. Keep in mind that people who experience severe symptoms of HBP because of the stiffening of the heart have fewer amounts of nitric oxide circulating in their  The Best Review on How Beet Juicebodies. Remember that nitric oxide, a chemical, helps your blood vessels to relax.
It improves blood flow to your heart, body organs and muscles, meaning that without nitric oxide you will experience fatigue, shortness of breath and a hardened heart. Eating a diet rich in inorganic nitrates, for example, beet juice helps you to deal with these issues.

Inorganic nitrates from food sources release nitric oxide to your body as soon as you consume them, for example, beet juice. The reason is that beets, the source of beet juice, extract inorganic nitrates from their environment and the soil. It means that beetroots have an abundance of inorganic nitrates.

• Exercise Endurance

When answering the above question; does beet juice lower blood pressure? It’s important to know that beet juice, also known as beetroot juice, helps you to improve your exercise endurance, for example, duration and performance. That’s for healthy young people aged between 19-38 years.

For people aged 54-80 years and who experience stiffening of arteries that carry blood to their arms, legs, stomach, and kidneys, beet juice helps them to relax these blood arteries.

• Beet Juice Relaxes Your Muscles

Beet juice contains nitric oxide, which enables your body to lower its blood Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressurepressure. The reason is that it relaxes the muscles in your blood vessels, which helps your blood arteries to stay well diluted. This oxide prevents your blood from clotting or thickening. The result is easier blood flow, which reduces blood pressure.



• Beet juice increases your body’s exercise ability. The result is improved blood flow.
• Beetroot juice contains inorganic nitrates, which helps to improve the delivery of oxygen to your heart and other body organs, contributing to lower your blood pressure.
• Beet juice enables you to lower your blood pressure within 24 hours. It means that you can carry on within your daily routine.

What to Consider

• If you’re taking other medication, consult your doctor before combining Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressureinorganic nitrates from beet juice and your medicine. The reason is that it could lead to significant drops in your blood pressure.
• If you have low blood pressure issues, you should take caution when consuming beet juice. That’s because it could lead to unsafe drops in your blood pressure.


Does beet juice lower blood pressure? The above review on the benefits of taking beet juice shows that you can lower your blood pressure. Make sure you consult your doctor if you’re taking other medications or have low blood pressure issues.


  1. Katie

    Interesting. I knew beets were good for you, but I’ve never heard of using them for high blood pressure. I’ve tried several recipes with beets in them, but I really just hate the way they taste. Can you take a capsule form and still get the benefits, or do you have to drink the actual juice?

    • CraigD

      Thanks, Katie

      There are beet powder and capsule you can take if you don’t like the taste of fresh beet juice and I’m sure there are benefits to all for reducing your blood pressure.

      Thank for the comment


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