High Blood Pressure Numbers What Do They Mean?

When you first find you have high blood pressure it  can be complicated. When you read the numbers your not quite sure what they mean.

There are usually two numbers given. The number that is given first is calledsystolic pressure. It indicates how much force is used to push blood through thearteries when itcontracts. The arteries move blood away to all the organs.

The lowernumber is called diastolic pressure. It readswhen the heartis in between beats. This is like a resting stage for thevessels.The heart is not actually pushing through a fresh set of blood from the veins.

Normal blood readingsare between 80 to 120 for systolic, and 60 to 80 for diastolic. Anything higher than that is considered pre-hypertension or high blood pressure. When the machine reads140 or higher for systolic, then this is high blood pressure. For diastolic, it is 90 or more.

What this all comes down to is regulating blood pressure. Many pharmacies have places where a reading can be taken. Take advantage of these free resources to ensure that one’s blood pressure stays in normal range.

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