Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure contributes to a lot of deaths every year. Its primary cause is not known, but several conditions place one at the risk of developing this condition. Factors such as smoking, unhealthy weight, stress, sleep apnea, genetics are a few of the conditions that play a part when it comes to developing hypertension.

When this condition can be treated medically, you can also control it without medication. So, what are some of the approaches to remedy hypertension naturally? Read through below and discover some of them.

♦ Cut out sodium intake

Foods containing a lot of salt are not a healthy diet for persons with high blood pressure. The amount of salt you take directly affects your blood pressure. A Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressurelarge intake of salt increases your chances of getting a high blood pressure. Why does salt affect blood pressure anyway? Salt makes your body retain water. The higher the amounts of salt in your diet, the more water your body retains. Water in your system has a direct impact on your blood pressure. Hence, the more water in your body, the higher the pressure in your blood vessels. To avoid standing a high chance of raising your blood pressure, reduce your intake of salt and be cautious on taking processed foods as most contain high sodium percentages.

♦ Exercise

By exercising you can put your blood pressure back on track. Activities make your heart to use oxygen to pump blood thereby making it work more efficiently. After all, the heart is a muscle like any other and exercising it makes it healthy. So make sure that you engage in activities that make your heart rate rise.

Your activities don’t need to be complex, as long as you increase your respiratory rates. You can go for swimming, walks, dancing, cycling, or even scrubbing the surfaces in your home. Take advantage of something you love doing most as long as it makes your heart rates rise as these will keep your heart in a better condition thereby lowering your blood pressure rates.

♦ Sip Some Hibiscus

Taking hibiscus tea is another natural way you can lower your blood pressure. It reduces both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Studies have proved that people who take tea with this natural herb extract have shown increased results of reduced blood pressure unlike those who do not use it. Hibiscus works by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme from releasing angiotensin II which narrows blood vessels thereby raising your blood pressure. Besides, it withdraws sodium your bloodstream thus lowering pressure on the arteries. Though not as powerful as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, hibiscus is a good natural remedy for hypertensive patients.

♦ Fabulous Fish Oil

The omega-3 fatty acids in Fish oils help reduce blood pressure even when taken in small amounts. So, how does this happen? Omega-3 fatty acids have vasodilation properties which enable them to relax blood vessels thereby promoting blood flow with much ease. Other than that, these fatty acids are anti-inflammatory allowing them to prevent swelling of arteries which enables blood to keep flowing efficiently. omega-3 also has anticoagulant effects thereby working to reduce the chances of clotting in the blood, or having blocked arteries. When you decide to take fish oil for your blood pressure, you need to consult a doctor just to be sure that you are fit as it affects persons with coronary conditions.

♦ Reduced caffeine intake

Drinking drinks such as coffee which contain caffeine increase blood pressure immediately despite your status, but this lasts for a short time. The caffeine in them dramatically increases blood pressure, but it does this to a higher degree to hypertensive people. Some research has shown that caffeine raises blood pressure because it blocks the functioning of the hormone that keeps arteries open. Other than that, others believe that caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure because it causes the release of more adrenaline which increases pressure in the arteries. For hypertension patients, it is recommendable to replace high-caffeine beverages with drinks such as green tea and Ginger-Cardamom Tea.

♦ Add garlic to your diet

Based on some studies, garlic has proved to be effective in lowering systolic blood pressure up to 10%. This is because of the allicin compound in it, which acts on the body’s nitric oxide system to help relax arteries thereby enabling a smooth flow of blood. Besides, its components help in blood thinning and preventing blood clotting by reducing fibrinogen which is a blood clotting component. For garlic to be effective, it should be taken fresh and raw or in the form of a tablet. This is because cooking your garlic destroys much allicin. A tablet is also a much better option as you will not mind about producing bad breath.

♦ Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is an excellent source of potassium which is known to significantly lower blood pressure. The reason why one suffers from hypertension is due to the electrolytes imbalance in the blood. Potassium contained in coconut water helps counter this balance due to its supply of salts and minerals. It helps balance the level of sodium in the blood making your body function properly.

♦ Quit smoking

Smoking places you at the risk of an increased blood pressure and a heart disease. The reason behind this is the nicotine content in cigarettes. Nicotine constricts your arteries making your blood flow difficult thereby putting much stress on your heart. It also raises the chances of your blood likelihood to clot thus resulting in high blood pressure. You should, therefore, stop smoking and also stay away from people who smoke to avoid exposure to harmful substances contained in tobacco for a better blood pressure.

♦ Use magnesium supplements

Magnesium can help put your blood pressure under control. Minerals in magnesium assist in preventing constriction of blood vessels to avoid poor blood flow. Magnesium also prevents spasm in the blood vessels and heart muscles and also dissolves blood clots all of which help lower blood pressure. Hence if you are a hypertensive patient consider taking foods that can increase magnesium supply such as avocados and almonds.

♦ Diet and Weight Loss

People who are overweight have more risk of suffering hypertension as opposed to those who keep their weight in check. Much weight puts much pressure on artery walls which leads to a lot of strain to the heart. Hence, it is advisable that you put your weight at a check and if you are overweight, work on a diet that can help you attain a healthy weight. Take a diet that includes more fruits and vegetable and also cut down on carbohydrates as this will help you reduce some pounds.

Natural remedies are a better approach to controlling your blood pressure. After all, they contain no chemicals like those in medications.


  1. Simon

    Great piece of advice here – blood pressure can indeed be maintaines naturally.

    I’m familiar with most aspects, bit the whole sodium thing is overlooked in my view. Fast food is jam packed with salt and guess what? Not only will you get obese but your BP will skyrocket.

    Don’t you agree?

    • CraigD

      Simon, I do agree, fast food is the number one culprit when it comes to obese and high blood pressure. And it amazes me that it is as popular as ever.

      Thanks for the commit!

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