Top 10 Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication

Medication is the main part of the plan for many people to lower blood pressure. These drugs are also known as antihypertensive medicine. They cannot cure the blood pressure completely but can help return it to its normal state.

The type of medication to take will depend on certain things like how your blood pressure is, how your body responds to drugs and what is causing it. Most people might require more than one type of drug to control their high blood pressure.

Therefore, in case you are suffering from blood pressure ensure that you consult a doctor to find out the type of drug that will work for you. Here are different types of blood pressure medication and their side effects.

Angiotensin ll receptor blockers

Angiotensin-ll receptor blocker narrows the blood vessels and increases the blood pressure. It also releases a hormone that is responsible for increasing water and sodium in your body. Having more blood/fluid will cause high blood pressure. Angiotensin also promotes the stiffening and thickening of blood vessels.Angiotensin-ll enhances vasodilatation and lowers blood pressure. Some of the examples of angiotensin ll receptor blockers include:
• Osmesartan[Benicar]
• Valsartan [Diovan]
• Losartan[Cozaar}


Diuretics are as well called “water pills “because they assist in eliminating sodium and excess water thus promoting urination. This reduces blood vessels fluid volume. It the decreases pressures against the artery wall, therefore, lowering blood pressure. Classes of the diuretic drug include loop, thiazide, and potassium-sparing. Examples of diuretics include:Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication
• Furosemide[Lasix]
• Amiloride
• Bumetanide
• Chlorothiazide[Diuril]

ACE inhibitors

ACE means Angiotensin Converting Enzyme. Angiotensin-ll is a product that is known for promoting the narrowing of the blood vessel and increasing blood pressure. ACE inhibitor decreases the production of angiotensin ll; as such reducing the blood pressure. Examples of ACE inhibitors are:
• Fosinopril
• Ramipril [Altace]
• Benazepril [Lotensin]
• Quinapril [Accupril]


This type of drug can also be referred to as beta-adrenergic blocking agents. It inhibits the actions of a hormone known as epinephrine causing less forceful and slower heartbeat. Also, Beta brokers can promote the widening of blood vessels. The combination of these two actions causes the blood pressure to reduce. Examples of Beta-blockers include:Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication
• Acebutol [Sectral]
• Metoprolol [Lopressor]
• Atenolol [Tenormin]

Alpha blockers

The category of this drug may also be known as alpha-adrenergic antagonists. It inhibits the effects of norepinephrine which tightens the blood vessel muscles. Alpha blocker relaxes the muscles allowing for wider blood vessel thus lowering the blood pressure. Examples of Alpha Blockers include:
• Prazosin [Minipress]
• Doxazosin [Cardura]

Renin inhibitors

Side Effects Of Blood Pressure MedicationRenin is an enzyme that enhances the production of angiotensin ll. As mentioned earlier, angiotensin ll causes vasoconstriction increasing the blood pressure. As such, Renin inhibitor prevents renin effects from taking place thus promoting vasodilatation and decreasing blood pressure. Examples of rennin inhibitor include:

• Aliskiren [Terturna]Central AgonistsThis drug can be put into the category of centrally acting agents, central adrenergic or central alpha agonists. They prevent the narrowing of blood vessels as well as increased heart rate by decreasing signals to the nervous system. This results in lowering blood pressure. Examples of central agonists include:• Guanfacine [Tenex]
• Clonidine [Catapres]


This drug relaxes the muscles in the wall of your blood vessel. The vessel then widens, and the blood can flow through easily.

Peripheral Adrenergic Blockers

These drugs prevents the signals that your brain sends from reaching to your blood vessels by tightening them.

However, doctors do not prescribe these drugs more often. Examples:
• Guanethidine[Ismeline]
• Guanadrel [Hylorel]
• Reserpine [Serpasil]

Side Effects of Blood Pressure Medication

• They cause dizziness, weakness, and lightheadedness, especially when standing up suddenly or waking up in the morning due to reduced blood pressure.Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication
• Irregular and very rapid heartbeat
• They cause diarrhea and stomach pain
• A dry cough that does not go away easily
• You may also experience insomnia and sleep issues
• Cold feet and hands
• A headache and fatigue
• Depression
• Swollen ankles and knee pain
• Erection problem

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  1. Jackie

    Wow, so many medications for something that can easily be remedied with diet and exercise! The side effects are almost worse than the condition itself. I think you did an awesome job explaining the dangers of these medications and I’m grateful you gave the names of the drugs. Thanks for your timely post!

  2. Norman

    I am all for natural. even though these pills may help, look at the side effects that they bring with them. That means that while they help to cure one thing in the body something else is breaking down
    Natural is always better, it is the best way. Thanks for sharing this most informative information that will be of good help to your readers.

    • CraigD

      It is a gamble you take the medication to help.  But sometimes the side effects can be worse  then what your taking the medication for. So you try to go natural as much as you can.

      Thanks for the post Norman!

  3. Neil

    For the last month or so, I’ve been suffering from high blood pressure and I’m actually wearing a 24-hour blood pressure monitor as I write this. True story!

    However, what really worries me the most is when the doctor tells me they are going to have to prescribe blood pressure medication. Yeah, I want to feel normal again without the dizziness and headaches, but I would much rather fix myself naturally through losing weight and eating the right foods.

    Like the doctor said to me, at my age of only 36, it’s best to reduce it naturally.

    Not only am I worried about some of the side effects you’ve highlighted here with the different types of medication, I don’t want to be in a position where I can never come off it.

    I think my blood pressure is down to a number of problems in my life, one being stress and the other being weight gain. Not to mention that both my parents have high blood pressure too.

    I guess I’ll just see wht the doc says next week. But in the meantime, I’m going to gym to get that weight down and hopefully the pressure too.


    • CraigD

      Neal, I’m sorry to hear that your suffering from high blood pressure. The best advice I can give you is to keep doing what you’re doing exercise drop the weight, and I know this is hard but try to stay away from the stress as much as you can. If the doctor puts you on medication go with it. It doesn’t mean you have to be on it forever. 

      Do your research and find something that will bring down your blood pressure naturally. But always consult your doctor he had your best interest at heart.

      Good Look, Neal

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